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Why can I not send the last case comment per email (in Professional Editions)

Knowledge Article Number 000213690
Description In Case Settings, it is possible to check the box for "Enable Case Comment Notification to Contacts", when you check the box you can select a case Comment Template to be sent.

The explanation shown behind the check box is: "Use this setting to specify whether contacts who are not members of your Self-Service portal can be notified when a new comment is added to a case."
Resolution As mentioned in the explanation this is to be used in combination with the Self Service portal, Professional Edition as per the following article does not have a self service portal available anymore:

Case Comments Overview

In Professional Edition, without a portal, you will only have private comments.
The field {!Case.Last_Case_Comment} would contain the last Public Comment, hence the field will always be empty

Instead of the standard fields you could use a custom text field, and use this field in your email template.

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