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Designated Contact (DC) FAQs

Knowledge Article Number 000213698

Designated Contacts (DCs) are users authorized to submit Administrative requests and manage support-related communications as part of their organization's Premier + Admin Entitlement.



What authority can a DC have?

  • Submit Administrative Requests as part of their Premier + Admin Entitlement.
  • Manage the permissions of other DCs.
  • Be listed as a point of contact for Security & Premier alerts.
  • View & edit all cases logged by your Org.

DCs can have all of the above permissions, or only subsets of them. For example, should a DC not have "Full Administrative Rights," they still might have permission to Mass Modify and Export Records. Depending on your internal process, only some DCs may be allowed permission to Create & Transfer Records, but not authorized the permission to Edit, Delete, or Export.

How to tell if you're a DC?

All DCs are allocated a Personal Passcode for Support which functions identically to the Company Passcode but marks you as a Designated Contact.

If you're not sure how to find your Personal Passcode, read our "Locating your Premier Passcode" help article for instructions.

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