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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Quick tips on searching for Salesforce Information

Knowledge Article Number 000213725
Description Listed below are some tips to get you started researching/ searching for Salesforce information:
  1. An easy way to get started finding Salesforce information is to go to Google and search "Salesforce" plus whatever topic you are looking for. Any of the results returned that start with are from Salesforce's official documentation.
  2. takes you to the help page of which is the same place you can reach by clicking the Help & Training link in the upper right hand corner of any SFDC page. This is where you can search documentation, knowledge articles and Quick Starts, watch HelpTV, contact support to log a case or take training courses in the Online Training Catalog.
  3. In Answers, search customer questions and answers by topic and/or post your own questions.
  4. Search the Success Community's Active Groups in Collaboration to find and post questions in a topic specific group to be answered by Salesforce MVPs and Success Community members. If you are unsure what group to post in, start with the Success- Getting Started group. Clicking the magnifying glass under the post box in any group lets you search to see if your question has already been asked and answered prior to posting.  
  5. Glean quick, visual information from the YouTube Salesforce Channel. There are hundreds of quick informational videos. You can choose from the playlists at this link or search all of YouTube by googleing "salesforce" "youtube" plus whatever subject you are looking for. This type of search will return videos produced specifically by SFDC as well as results produced by others.
  6. The YouTube Dreamforce Channel  has full Dreamforce sessions by playlists. You can choose from the playlists at this link or search all of YouTube by googleing "dreamforce"  "youtube" plus whatever subject you are looking for. 
  7. Check out these specific help links:
You can also find multiple apps in the App Exchange to add functionality to your Salesforce instance. Specifically, check out the Salesforce Labs free apps. Have fun searching!

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