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How do I edit or delete unsolicited feedback?

Resolution As unsolicited feedback is ad hoc it doesn't have an edit state, so you won't be able to edit it.  However, you can delete the feedback using a data load tool such as Workbench.  The following will need to be done by a Admin or System Admin.

1. Login into Workbench - 

2. Select the following values: 
  • Environment: Production 
  • API Version: 35.0 
  • Check the box to agree to the terms of service 

3. Click the Login with Salesforce button 

4. Select queries | SOQL Query from the top-menu 

5. Enter the following query in the Enter or modify a SOQL query below text-area: 

SELECT CreatedDate,Id FROM WorkFeedbackRequest WHERE (FeedbackType = 'UnsolicitedToUserandManager' OR FeedbackType = 'UnsolicitedToUser' OR FeedbackType = 'UnsolicitedToManager') AND SubjectId = '005i0000001CDoa' AND RecipientId = '005i0000000TwE7' ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC

Replace the SubjectId value with the user Id of the person the manager offered feedback about. Replace RecipientId with the manager's user Id. To get a user's Id you can navigate to their user detail page and copy it from your web browser's location bar:

User-added image

6. Hit the Query button. 

7. Hover over the Id value of a record and select Delete:

User-added image

Note: If more than 1 record appears in the Query Results table use the CreatedDate to help determine which unsolicited feedback from this manager should be deleted. 

After doing that the feedback should be deleted. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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