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How to Archive Goals

Knowledge Article Number 000213732
Description In many organizations, an employee’s goals are required to be archived as part of a compliance policy such as the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX). This document describes how to archive Goals from Salesforce.
1. Log in to Workbench. Specify API version 33.
2. Click queries > SOQL query.
3. Export the WorkGoal records.
a. Under Object, select WorkGoal.
b. Under View As, select Bulk CSV.
c. Under Fields, select all of the fields except for count().
d. Click Query.
e. Download the Completed Batch Results.
4. Repeat step 3 for the following objects:
a. WorkGoalCollaborator
b. WorkGoalCollaboratorHistory
c. WorkGoalFeed
d. WorkGoalHistory
e. WorkGoalLink
f. WorkGoalShare
5. Export the Task records for WorkGoals.
a. Click queries > SOQL query.
b. Under Object, select WorkGoal.
c. Under Enter or modify a SOQL query below, enter the following query in addition to any custom fields specific to your organization:
SELECT AccountId, ActivityDate, CallDisposition, CallDurationInSeconds, CallObject, CallType, ConnectionReceivedId, ConnectionSentId, CreatedById, CreatedDate, Description, Id, IsArchived, IsClosed, IsDeleted, IsHighPriority, IsRecurrence, IsReminderSet, LastModifiedById, LastModifiedDate, OwnerId, Priority, RecordTypeId, RecurrenceActivityId, RecurrenceDayOfMonth, RecurrenceDayOfWeekMask, RecurrenceEndDateOnly, RecurrenceInstance, RecurrenceInterval, RecurrenceMonthOfYear, RecurrenceRegeneratedType, RecurrenceStartDateOnly, RecurrenceTimeZoneSidKey, RecurrenceType, ReminderDateTime, Status, Subject, SystemModstamp, Type, WhatCount, WhatId, WhoCount, WhoId FROM Task where WhatId IN (Select Id from WorkGoal)
d. Under View As, select Bulk CSV.
e. Click Query.
f. Download the Completed Batch Results.

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