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Image file can not be previewed in Chatter

Knowledge Article Number 000213734
Description I uploaded an image file but it can not be previewed after uploading it in chatter. It is a small .PNG file format that works for a web page icon, but it won't preview.

Resolution Steps to perform before uploading an image file so it can be previewed :

1. Please make sure that the image file is not an icon file (.ico). The icon filetype is not a format supported by our preview engine. The preview will fail if you upload this file format.

2. Please make sure that the file has the correct format and not just renamed. (e.g. an icon file(.ico) renamed as .png file)

A user friendly method to check the real format of an image would be to use this site: 

Note: Chatter Files and Content are similar. If you are looking for Content Preview issues, please see Content file preview issues.

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