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Why is my report not showing the fields of the child objects despite of the fact that I see them in the CRT definition?

Knowledge Article Number 000213739
Description I am a System administrator and I created a new Custom report type and in the definition I can see the primary object and some child (B/C) objects. Also in the edit layout page I added the fields on the child object sections and I can see the full list.
When I create a new report based on this CRT, I cannot see any field from the child objects and also the folders with the child object names are not in the list of fields available on the customize page of the report.
The same CRT on the sandbox is working fine.

Resolution Sometimes a custom report type is using a lookup or master-detail field that is part of a package, as a relationship to link the object and the system admin has no license assigned.
The resolution would be to assign the package license to the affected user.

Also the error message “Obsolete Report” might be shown for the users without the package license assigned, when the report type is based on an object that is included in a package.

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