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How to calculate the opportunity amount specific to one particular product on an opportunity that has multiple products

Knowledge Article Number 000213743
Description How to calculate the price of one specific product on an opportunity that has multiple products.

Use Case (This will vary from organization to organization but just to simplify the explanation the following use case is stated)

Sometimes organization can be interested in knowing the sales amount generated from a specific product. Example a Computer manufacturing company might be interested in knowing the sales amount generated by a new monitor
Resolution The requirement can be met by the following steps:

Custom Field Creation
  • Create a custom number field in Opportunity Product and name it as ‘SP calculation’
  • Create a workflow with evaluation criteria ‘every time it’s created and edited’.
  • Rule Criteria would be ‘Product Name' Contains or Equals 'LCD Monitor' (LCD monitor is an example in the above Use Case)
  • Add Immediate Field Update Action
  • Field to update: ‘SP Calculation’( Number field created in previous step)
  • Specify New Field Value as 1
  • Save it and activate the workflow
Roll Up Calculation
  • Create a roll-up field with SUM/COUNT/MAX/MIN on Sales Price and in the Filter Criteria put ‘SP calculation’ equals 1 and Save.
This will ensure that any opportunity product with "LCD Monitor" will get updated with the value 1 in 'SP Calculation' field. Roll up will filter those criteria and do a roll up to opportunity

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