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How to write Salesforce1 links and mobile URL schemes

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A URL scheme allows a user to launch the Salesforce1 app from a third-party or web application. An administrator or developer can customize a URL scheme to perform a specific action when the Salesforce1 app launches. For example, if a user receives an email about a feed post, you can create a link for the user to tap to view the post in the Salesforce1 app.

A request to the Salesforce1 URL scheme follows this format:

Let’s break down each parameter of the URL scheme format:

  • scheme_name: Supported Salesforce1 scheme names.
  • sObject: Indicates a single instance of a Salesforce object.
  • id: The unique single instance of a Salesforce object. id lengths of 15 and 18 characters are
  • supported.
  • action: Supported URL scheme operations
For example, to open Salesforce1 and navigate to a specific record the URL scheme will look similar to:

Reference the PDF document "Salesforce1 Mobile URL Schemes" below for more information and usage examples:

​Spring '16, Last Updated February 10, 2016 -

Please Note
In many instances this deep linking will break inside certain environments that do not support the types of deep linking being performed.  Android deeplinks opening in Gmail, for example, may not always function because non-http/https protocols in links and strip the anchor () tag

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