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Why does a file not appear on the "File and content" report?

Knowledge Article Number 000213751
Description I have a privately shared file (for further information about what this means, please refer to the article "File Sharing Settings and Permissions") that is not publicly shared from the file settings but is attached to a record on its Chatter feed.
The record is private, but shared with some users and can be downloaded.
When I create the report with the report type "File and content", this file is not appearing despite of the fact that it can be downloaded by other users.
Resolution This is working as designed.
The report is governed by the content document sharing provider and if a file is privately shared with a user through records, it will not show up in "File and Content Downloads" and "File and Content Engagement" reports. If the file is shared with the user directly, the user will see the file in the reports.
In order to see the file on the report, the file needs to be shared directly with the user.

Please refer to this article for further information about File and Content Reports

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