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Why do the "total downloads" field and the total number of download records not match on the "file and content" reports?

Knowledge Article Number 000213752
Description I created a new "File and Content Downloads"/"File and Content Engagement" report and they are showing a value on the Total Downloads field.
The number of records that
the "File and Content Downloads" report is showing is less than the Total Downloads field. Why is this happening?
Resolution If the report is showing all the records for that specific file (please review the report filters carefully), there might be, in some rare occasions a mismatch between the record count and the Total download field and this is due to the way that the download counting is designed. Salesforce cannot guarantee that the two numbers will match as an increment of the total downloads will never be undone if an error occurs later in the request, whereas the insert of a download audit event will be rolled back.
If that mismatch is occurring often, please create a case with support to get it investigated appropriately.

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