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Files Connect Office 365 - Troubleshooting guide

Knowledge Article Number 000213753
Description This is a guide to troubleshoot Files Connect Office 365 issues.
Resolution Steps for troubleshooting:

1) Make sure that you are following one of these two guides for setting up Files Connect:

- The Online guide at The Files Connect Setup Process
- The Official guide at

2) Make sure that the account used to connect to Office 365 has access to the target site

3) Make sure that the Office 365 UI does have the expected behavior, ie. make sure that the issue in question happens only on the Salesforce end and not on the Office 365's end.

4) If the issue still occurs, please have a look at these articles based on the error message/behavior:

Files Connect Office 365 issue - There was a problem with your authentication attempt
Files Connect Office 365 issue - You are not authorized to perform that operation
Files Connect OAuth issue: "Your authentication token to this content source has expired."

5) If the issue still occurs, please give us the following information:

- Organization Id (by updating the "Organization Id field" on the case)

- Grant login access to a Salesforce System admin account. This is often the account used to set up Files Connect. This account needs to have the following permissions: "Customize application", "Manage Auth. Providers" and "View  setup and configuration"

- Grant login access to the Salesforce account that has the issue on

- A SharePoint admin account if applicable

- The SharePoint account that has the issue on

- Screenshots or video recordings describing the issue (if not done so)

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