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Web Tab referencing {!User.Email} merge field displays @ as %40

Knowledge Article Number 000213764
Description Users who have a custom Web Tab where the URL includes a parameter that references the {!User.Email} merge field, is displaying the "@" symbol as %40. 

For example, a URL like this:{!User.Email}

It will display the logged in User's email as
Resolution This is expected functionality. Salesforce is expected to code the @ symbol in this manner and it's up to the Website (mentioned in the URL) decode the %40 back to the @ symbol. 

One workaround to this may be to create a formula field capturing the User Email value. 

Possible example:{!LEFT(User.Email,FIND('@',User.Email)-1)}@{!MID(User.Email,FIND('@',User.Email)+1,LEN(User.Email))}

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