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How to find Forecasting Type ID?

Knowledge Article Number 000213794
Description How can I query to find the ForecastType Id?

Note: This article and information only applies to Collaborative Forecasts see What’s the difference between the Forecasting versions? to determine which version of Forecasting your organization may have enabled.

In addition, your user record must have the "Allow Forecasting" permission enabled see Enabling Users for Forecasts for more details.

Resolution 1. Open the Data Loader

Click Export and Login.
Note: If you encounter login issues see, Unable to connect with Data Loader and receiving failed to send request error for troubleshooting steps.
3. Select 'Show all Salesforce objects'  and locate the object: Forecasting Type (ForecastingType). Click Browse... and specify a directory and export file name | Next >

4. Click the "Select all fields" button and then the Finish button.

The resulting export file's ID column will contain all of your available ForecastType record Ids.

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