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Files Connect SharePoint On-Premises Troubleshooting Guide

Knowledge Article Number 000213810
Description Steps for troubleshooting:

1) Make sure you followed the
Files Connect Setup Guide which contains detailed visuals, tips and troubleshooting, especially for the on-premises Secure Agent installation and configuration.

2) Verify that the provided SharePoint credentials are valid by connecting to the SharePoint UI.

3) Check that the SharePoint user is able to perform the actions (like browsing libraries, opening documents, searching) on the SharePoint UI and that the expected results are returned.

4) Under Build -> Develop -> Secure Agents in the Setup tree, confirm that the Secure Agent is online and that all Plugins are online and running the latest plugin update.

5) If the issue persists, check:
6) If the issue still persists, please add the following information to the support case:
  • Organization Id (by updating the "Organization Id field" on the case)
  • Grant login access to a Salesforce System admin account. This is often the account used to set up Files Connect. This account needs to have the following permissions: "Customize application", "Manage Auth. Providers" and "View  setup and configuration"
  • Grant login access to the Salesforce account that has the issue (if applicable)
  • The Secure Agent logs
  • The SharePoint logs (The default log location for SharePoint 2010 is: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Logs)
  • Information on how to join the SharePoint admins.
  • Exact steps on how to reproduce the issue. (Expected result, observed result)
  • If the issue cannot be reproduced, the exact timestamp.

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