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Subscribers in your Organization don't receive emails sent from Marketing Cloud

Knowledge Article Number 000213815

If subscribers in your Organization aren't receiving emails that are sent from Marketing Cloud, the message may be caught in a spam filter, placed in a spam folder on your local email client, or delayed. We'll review how to address each of these situations below.



Common reasons emails won't be received

  • The message has been flagged by a spam filter
  • The message has been placed into the local email client's "Bulk" or "Spam" folder
  • The message is delayed


How to fix problems with emails sent to your organization

The has been flagged by a spam filter

This message may sit in quarantine or even be deleted depending on the brand, version, or administration settings of the filter in use.

If your message is in quarantine: Your filter may have an option to view and even unblock the email if it was identified as spam.

If your message isn't quarantined; Notify your network administrator that you have not received a message you were expecting.


The message has been placed into the local email client's "Bulk" or "Spam" folder

Many email clients automatically place messages into the "Bulk" or "Spam" folder if the email sender's "From Address" isn't in the recipients Address Book or Safe Senders List. Review your email client's support for help filtering emails correctly.


The message is delayed

Even if the message was accepted by the server, it may not have been delivered to the recipient due to email volume, server maintenance, or network problems. Contact your email administrator to verify if you are experiencing any internal issues.

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