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Why is the Chat text box missing intermittently when using Live Agent?

Knowledge Article Number 000213826
Description We have noticed that, intermittently, using Live Agent some chats are missing the text box to communicate with the customer. This is not linked to a specific User, or browser and only happens intermittently.

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Resolution This is currently working as designed under certain scenarios.

If an agent sees a chat that has no chat log at all (e.g. no input box, just a blank area where the chat log usually is) then this typically means that this chat has since ended, or has been passed on to another agent, and is no longer active with this agent.

1. Chat has been transferred away. 
2. Agent has disconnected, so chat has been automatically routed to another agent. 
3. Agent ends the chat. 

And then the agent either: 

a. Logs out and logs back in. 
b. Reloads the console page. 
c. Logs in in another tab. 
d. Does anything else that might reload the chat log area for a specific tab. 

In this case, the chat log will come back blank. This is expected behavior and can happen from time to time.

Salesforce is considering improving this behavior and trying to detect this state in the Console and put a warning message to let the agent know that the state is expected, nothing is wrong, the chat has just been moved on and is no longer active. That being said, there's no timeline for this enhancement to be delivered.

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