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Data Extensions data clearing schedule

Knowledge Article Number 000213832
Learn more about the Data Extension Retention policy and review example scenarios. 

The data deprecation process is run on a daily basis for each Salesforce Marketing Cloud shared customer database, during the US overnight hours.  When the process runs, it searches for any records older than the interval that has been defined for the specified retention policy.

Example scenarios: 

A data extension is created at 1:00 pm US EST.
The retention policy is set at 1 day.
Records are imported at 2:00pm US EST.

The deprecation process runs Monday evening.
No records are deleted.
All records are still in place on Tuesday at 2:00pm US EST. 
New records are imported on Tuesday at 3:00pm US EST.

The deprecation process runs Tuesday evening.  
All records imported on Monday are deleted.  
All records imported on Tuesday still exist in the Data Extension.


Want to learn more? Review our Data Extensions and Data Relationships documentation.

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