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The number of records in a Data Extension don't match the number of messages delivered

Knowledge Article Number 000213833
If the number of records in your Data Extension doesn't match the number of messages delivered, either your Data Extension is not be configured correctly or you have subscribers with an "unsubscribed" or "undeliverable" status.

Subscriber's status is "unsubscribed" or "undeliverable"

When a Data Extension is configured to be sendable, one field in the Data Extension is configured for the relationship to subscribers in the account. When the Send occurs, the email application examines this field to find the matching subscriber.  If that subscriber is undeliverable, the message will not send. If the subscriber is unsubscribed at the "All Subscribers" level or on the publication list, the message will not be sent.

The status is not visible on the Data Extension because Data Extensions are only data. Status is a concept related to subscribers. Therefore, to identify whether the status of a subscriber is unsubscribed or undelivered, review the relevant publication list or the All Subscribers List.


Data Extension isn't configured properly

When there's no match between a record in the Data Extension and an existing subscriber, the email application must first create a new subscriber before a Send can be completed.  For email Sends, there must be exactly one field of the data type "Email Address" in order to create the new subscriber. A subscriber is not created and no message is sent if:
  • A field with an "Email Address" data type is not defined and populated in the Data Extension. 
  • There's more than one field with an "Email Address" data type.

For Data Extensions in an Enterprise account of an Enterprise 1.0 structure account, the Data Extension must have field named "ChannelMemberID" with the data type "Number" in addition to the data type "Email Address" field. This field should contain the MemberID of the desired Channel Member (On-Your-Behalf account) for each subscriber.

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