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Date Range filter for an Anniversary returns no subscribers

Knowledge Article Number 000213838
Setting a Date Range in a filter for an Anniversary produces zero subscribers even though there are subscribers that meet the filter criteria.
This occurs when you use a range of dates that cross a year boundary. When they're applied across a range of dates, Anniversary filters only consider consecutive days spanning from January 1st to December 31st.  As a result, the year is not applicable for the filter criteria.  

Resolve the issue by modifying your filter criteria

In order to produce the expected results for the below example, use "Birthday is after anniversary of Date 11/30/2012."

Example filter criteria 

Birthday is after anniversary of Date 11/30/2012
Birthday is before anniversary of Date 01/01/2013

This filter criteria produces no results. The year in the date is ignored, so it looks for subscribers who have a birthday that falls after November 30 and before January 1. Because it's the first day of the year, there are no days that exist prior to January 1. Therefore, no subscribers meet this condition and the filter produces no results. 

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