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How to mass import users to Salesforce?


Follow the steps below to create a CSV file and mass import Only users.

1. Go to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles and click on the Clone link next to the Only User profile

2. Enter a name for the cloned profile (e.g. Standard User) and save

3. Copy the profile's Id from the web browser's location bar

User-added image

4. Fill in the spreadsheet provided in the "How to Insert Users via the Data Loader?" article

  • Remove the Role and Currency columns

  • Optional: Add additional fields such as Title, Company, Department, Division, IsActive

User-added image

  • For username, selecting the email address will avoid confusion among users when they login to Salesforce.

  • For the EmailEncodingKey use ISO-8859-1

5. Save the file as CSV

6. Download and install data loader. Please note that Data Loader is a 3rd party app and not an official app by Salesforce

  • Data loader for Mac

  • Data loader for Windows:

7. Open Data Loader and click on the Insert button

8. Under Salesforce object, select User (User)

9. Choose the saved CSV file and click Next

10. A pop-up window Data Selection will appear, click OK

11. Click on Create or Edit a Map button, a pop-up window Mapping Dialog will appear

12. Click on Auto-Match Fields to Columns button

13. Verify that each field has a corresponding name. If the name field is missing, match it manually

14. Click OK and Next

15. Select a Directory on your computer and click Finish

16. You will see a pop-up warning window “You have chosen to update existing records. The action you are about to take cannot be undone. Are you sure you want to proceed?”, click Yes

Important notes:

  • If you are importing all users at the same time, you won’t be able to select a manager as for the manager field the 15 digit profile id is required. Thus, the manager field will need to be updated manually after the users are imported.

  • Users will not receive activation emails. The Administrator will need to go to Salesforce | Setup | Manage Users | click on Action check box and ”Reset password” button

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