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Why am I unable to select a particular record type when importing?

Knowledge Article Number 000213871
Description The record type and page layout have been setup correctly but the ability to choose the record type when using Data Import Wizard is not an option. 
Resolution Check the profile of the user trying to do the import because the record type in question should be assigned to it.
Record type assignment controls what kind of records users can create - so if the user trying to import is not assigned with the record type they are trying to import records of, they will not find this option when running the Import Wizard.

1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles
2. Select the appropriate profile in question 
3. Go to Record Type Settings
4. Look for the object where the import is being run
5. Ensure that the record type is assigned 

Once record type is assigned the record type will be available for selection in Import Wizard


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