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Why does a multi-user event has different page layout when opened from Report?

Knowledge Article Number 000213889
Description The event owner or creator is able to edit the event when he opens the same from the parent record detail page, but unable to see the edit button to edit the record when the record is opened from the report.
Resolution This is because the event is opened by the attendee’s view and not by the event creator.

On the multi user event record, if we look at the event from attendee’s view, we will be able to see different page layout with buttons like “Update Event”, “Decline event”, etc. which are not available on Event detail page.

Whenever an event is created with additional attendees, there will be a number of records created depending on the total number of attendees.

One record for the event owner and other records would be shown according to the attendee’s calendar.
When we create a report on these multi-user events, system administrator can see all the records for all the attendees in the report.
In order to open the actual event record we need to filter out the report with the event creator’s name for “Assigned To” field.


A Multi user event is created by user “Brent Bassi” with 2 additional attendees “Jacob Lerner” and “Ted Kim”. We pulled up a report to check these multi user event.
User-added image
When we try to open the second record which shows “Ted Kim” in “Assigned To” field from the report, it opens up a calendar event like shown in the below image which still shows the event is Assigned to “Brent Bassi” who has created this multi user event.
 User-added image
If we need to open the actual event record detail page, we need to filter the report with the name of the event creator i.e “Brent Bassi” in this example.
User-added image

 Now if we click on the record from this filtered report, we will be able to open the Event detail page like below.  
User-added image
 Note - All the above name are fictitious.

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