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Duplicate rule condition based on "Current User: Profile" is ignored when current user does not have "View Setup and Configuration".

Knowledge Article Number 000213900
Description Duplicate rule may trigger due to conditions based on "Current User: Profile" being ignored during evaluation when the running user does not have the "View Setup and Configuration" permission.

This is working as designed. The Current User: Profile field is a foreign key referencing Profile. Users without "View Setup and Configuration" are unable to view Profiles, so they cannot access the field this filter references, and the filter is ignored.

An example scenario:

* A Duplicate Rule has been set up with a single condition "Current User: Profile equals System Administrator".

* When duplicate rules are evaluated by a user who is not a System Administrator, and who has "View Setup and Configuration", this condition will evaluate false and the duplicate rule will not run.

* However, if the user does not have "View Setup and Configuration",  "Current User: Profile" is not accessible. The filter is not evaluated at all, and the duplicate rule is triggered regardless of the users actual Profile.
Resolution Formulas can be used to allow Users access to data they otherwise could not see.

Create a Formula Field called "ProfileName", return type (text) on User.
Use the syntax: Profile.Name
Then reference the formula field (Current User: ProfileName), instead of "Current User: Profile" in the duplicate rule criteria.

Note this formula field may be hidden from Users through page layout and/or field level security.

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