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Live Agent users still logged on even if offline

Knowledge Article Number 000213907
Description Users have remained logged in for 20+ hours even though they are not here. Admins have had to manually kick the user offline from chat in order to produce their chat sessions for the previous day. Users are logging out of Salesforce in various ways but Live Agent is still showing to be active. 

If users are unable to find a solution through the Live Agent steps concerning offline activity refer to your "Security Settings" for your overall org and enable your session timeout settings. 

Go to your "Security Controls" drop down and select "Session Settings".
Select "Force Logout Session Timeout"
Users can select the time out value of when you would like the user to be logged off. The time ranges from 15 minutes to 12 hours. Choose the time you would prefer and select the "Force logout on session timeout button" box. Save what you have enabled.  

A session timeout has been enabled. This will make it so that if there is inactivity for the allotted time you choose on Live Agent the session itself will time out and the user will be logged off.

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