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How to send from a Contact or Lead Owner in Marketing Cloud Connector

Knowledge Article Number 000213919
There are two ways to populate the "From" information (Email / Name) with each Contact or Lead owner's information for V2 of the Salesforce integration. 

1. Insert SFDC API calls in the sender profile "From name" and "From address" via AMPScript. See more information here.
  • The drawback to this method is that an email send will perform at least 2 separate API calls to Depending on the type of SFDC account you have, it's possible to exceed the number of API calls SFDC allows in a 24 hour period. 

2. Import Owner information into a Demo Environment (DE) and perform a look-up to the DE for the "From name" and "From address." The lookup would occur in the sender profile and this import could be automated. 
  • Create a Marketing Cloud User with the "From name" and "Reply-to address" equal to personalization strings to existing profile attributes which are mapped on the appropriate fields in Salesforce. This is similar to Option 1, but it allows the User to be selected in the drop down box of the Guided Send Wizard. This has the same limitations as Option 1. This has to be enabled by Support and it's commonly referred to as "Lock and Publish Plus." 

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