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Unable to remove a queue that is referenced in approval process

Knowledge Article Number 000213920
Description When trying to edit a Queue to remove Knowledge Article Version from it, it generates an internal error.
Resolution This error happens due to the fact that these queues are being referenced/used by approval processes. 

To resolve the issue follow the steps below:

Steps to resolve the issue: 
  1. Get the ID for one of the affected Queues, for example "Queue Name" 00GA000000******
  2. Login to Workbench ( and select Queries --> SOQL Query.
  3. Choose QueueSObject for the Object 
  4. Enter this Query in the "Enter or modify a SOQL query below" box (replace the QueueId with the correct QueueID): 
  5. SELECT Id,QueueId,SobjectType FROM QueueSobject WHERE QueueId = '00GA000000*****' 
  6. Find the 3 rows that have a value that is NOT KnowledgeArticleVersion under SobjectType 
  7. For those 3 rows, hover over the "Id" (not QueueId) and click Delete 
  8. Click Confirm Delete 
  9. If the Queue is tied to Approval Processes, you will get the error: 
  10. Approval Process: A: B: C 
  11. This means there are 3 Approval Processes that are referencing the Queue "Queue Name" and this Queue needs to be removed from them. 
  12. Find the Approval Processes in question (there will be an Approval Process for each of the Article Types)
  13. Once the Queue is removed from the 3 Approval Processes, you will then be able to go through the Workbench steps to delete the 3 Article Types from the Queue. 
  14. Once the 3 Article Types are removed from the Queue, you can then re-add the Queue to the Approval Processes. 
This will need to be done for each Queue that has Article Types added to the Queue Supported objects. 

Once this is complete, you will be able to edit and save the Queues as desired.

Note - Changes made using workbench are not reversible. For example if you empty field value using workbench, you can get the field value back. That is why as a best practice always follow these 2 steps

1. Take a backup of the data that will get affected by the operation. Also see this article
2. Try a test with 2 to 3 records so that if anything goes unexpected it is always easy to restore 2 to 3 records rather than 100s of records

Screen shot for easier reference


Deleting ID


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