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Lightning For Outlook disappears in Outlook Web Access gray apps bar

Knowledge Article Number 000213925
Description After enabling Lightning For Outlook in Exchange, the app loads momentarily upon selecting an email and then disappears. At this point this issue is only exhibited in IE browser. Where as app works as expected in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Steps to Repro:

1. Select an email in Office 365 Outlook Web Access (OWA)
2. Notice that at top of the email message the app loads in the gray apps bar only for split of a second or the gray bar blinks for second and the app disappears.
3. Select another email and notice the same behavior

Appears in the bar:

User-added image

Disappears from the bar in a blink:

User-added image

Resolution To resolve this issue, user can reset their IE settings as per below Salesforce Knowledge Article and then restart IE and load Lightning For Outlook:


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