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Salesforce1 reloads and returns the user to the landing page upon refocusing on the Salesforce1 hybrid (downloadable) application

Knowledge Article Number 000213926
Description Issue Observed:
When users change focus away from Salesforce1 downloadable app, use a different device app and return focus back to Salesforce1, they may notice that they are directed to the landing page instead of the LAST known page position.

User is in the middle of creating a Lead record via Salesforce1 and then decides to check his/her email and changes focus away from S1. Upon return, they are not shown the Lead creation page.

Resolution Summary:
This is actually working as designed when Offline is disabled for the Salesforce1 app per the org settings. When Offline is disabled, the Salesforce1 application is not able to cache the user's current location prior to changing focus. 

Android Difference

Android applications are handled differently. Android apps, when backgrounded, have the application's last visibile activity moved to a "onStopped" stated. When the Salesforce1 application is brought back into foreground, Android moves this activity to a "onResumed" state. Salesforce1 uses this ability and re-displays the last content.

TO ENABLE Offline, the admin can search for 'offline' under Search All Setup and be directed to: Admin Setup | Mobile | Offline. The admin should ensure that Enable Caching in Salesforce1 is checked ON and Saved.

Users may need to pull down and refresh from the Salesforce1 Stage Left menu in order to see the Offline Cache option under Settings. 

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