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What to do when you suspect a memory leak

Knowledge Article Number 000213940
Description Occasionally customers will notice that their browsers use more and more memory throughout the day, eventually leading to a complete crash.  In the event that you experience this issue, please contact Salesforce support with the below information handy to help ensure speedy troubleshooting:


System Information:

Operating system and version
Installed RAM
Type of machine (desktop, laptop, thin client, VM, etc) - Include manufacturer if using a thin client/VM.
Browser version

Salesforce Information:

This level of specificity will help us reproduce the error much more effectively than:

Typical Workflow: Please be as specific as possible. In most cases the minute details are what expose the cause of a memory leak. For example:
Phone call comes in through our 'Five 9' CTI adapter in Service Console
Click on the contact's name
From the related list hover link go to 'Open Case'
Log call notes on the case
Send customer an email with a Knowledge Article attached
Close the open primary case tab
This level of specificity will help us reproduce the error much more effectively than:
Go to a contact
Go to their open case
Document solution
Close tab

A brief description of how many times the typical workflow is executed per hour, per user (a range is fine).
A description of memory utilization at regular intervals - include any crashed/reboots.
You can use the task manager for this purpose
Intervals of every 15-30 minutes are preferred
Detailed instructions can be found in this article: Steps for Logging Browser Memory Usage for Internet Explorer

A subjective description from an affected user for how the interface feels every hour during reproduction. For example:
8:00am - Start of the day, things are loading normally
9:00am - Records are loading a bit slower
10:00am - Salesforce appears to be running at half speed
11:00am - Salesforce is unusable at this speed.

Administrative Information:

Do you have a sandbox where you notice similar behavior? If so, please grant us login access to a user in that environment.
Contact information of an affected user - We will typically want to contact them throughout the course of our investigation.

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