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Salesforce1- lookup search does not return expected records if the search term is in the middle of the record name

Knowledge Article Number 000213976
Description On Salesforce1 when you search records using the substring of the name while doing lookup search, It returns no record. For example, when searching through Account lookup on a Contact record, search with "partners" doesn't return an expected account record even if there is an account named "United Partners".

Resolution This is Working As Designed as of today (you will see the same behavior in full site also). For lookup Search we do search from beginning of the Text for performance reason . So if you want to lookup search with middle of the record name ,you will have to query with wildcard (e.g. "* Partners") in full site.

However in salesforce1 wildcards are not supported.

The same behavior is noticed on hybrid Android / iOS app and browser app (

Below is the Idea Exchange link for the same:-

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