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Best Practices: Marketing Cloud - Planning your move to Social Studio

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Social Studio brings together Radian6 and Buddy Media into one product, integrating Publish, Engage and next generation Listening capabilities with Analyze. A completely new design, Social Studio helps you collaborate with your team to plan, publish, respond, listen and report on your successes.

Key updates include:

Powerful Self-Serve Administration:

  • Workspaces for team collaboration: organize users and associated assets such as Social Accounts and Topic Profiles.
  • Users and Super Users can choose to see the UI displayed in 5 different languages.
  • Full self-serve permissions for user management.

Full Mobile Capabilities:

  • Listen, Publish, and Engage available in the Social Studio iOS and Android apps.
  • Run listening queries, approve and publish content, engage and even perform Administrative functions with ease.

Streamlined Workflow:

  • Shared, always up-to-date Content Calendar.
  • Content Approvals and content sharing between teams.
  • Access to content app providers for images, content and ideas as well as ability to build custom apps for your own sources (see attachment). 
  • Scheduled Posts, with a full audit trail.

Next Generation Social Listening:

  • Pre-configured on-channel Analytics Dashboards, or custom Workbench Dashboards (new!), for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Pre-configured Social Listening Summary Dashboards, or custom Workbench Dashboards (new!), that monitor conversations from a billion plus sources. Uses Topic Profiles created in the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard or Social Studio.
  • The new easy-to-use Topic Profile creator for simple or detailed searches.
  • Instant topic and trend searches with Quick Search in the mobile app.
  • Note: continue to use the Radian6 Analysis dashboard for automated Alerts and scheduled Dashboard Reports, as well as 3rd party Insights analysis.

No Installed Software

  • Automatically updated browser-based application.

Key Use Cases

Use Case


Additional Details

Content Publishing on your Twitter handles, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ pages, YouTube Channels, Instagram account (via Mobile app) and Pinterest.


Fully supported.  Access your Asset library via Salesforce Files.
Use Publish Macros to combine targeting + social account selection.

Community Management for your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram channels, as well as content discovered through broad listening in Topic Profiles. 


Manage your owned + virtual social community. 

Social Customer Service for Twitter and Facebook in Engage.  


Filter columns for posts assigned to yourself.
Additionally, Salesforce SCS integration covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Sina Weibo, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Listening and Analytics for the Business user.


One step listening templates for topic profiles, owned social accounts, and
Facebook company pages.  Filter and export data for additional slicing and
dicing.  Enhanced multi-lingual sentiment engine. 

Listening and Analytics for the Social Expert.


Customizable sentiment scoring, data segmentation and drill down for deeper
More segmentation, alerts, influencer management, and reports to come!

Users on the move: a mobile app that helps you stay on top of publishing,  engagement, approvals and analysis responsibilities, as well as social listening, anywhere.


The Social Studio mobile app includes Quick Search for instant social searches and macros for fast engagement.

Getting Started

Note: if you are currently using the legacy Radian6 for Salesforce AppExchange package, your Salesforce Admin will need to remove this integration and refer to the Social Customer Service integration documentation for the new Social Studio integration to Salesforce.

To begin setting up Social Studio, your Admin user will:

  1. Log in to Social Studio
  2. Register your social accounts (per subscription agreement)
  3. Create your first Workspace(s) and assign Workspace Owners, add users, topic profiles, social accounts to each.  *It is important to note that your Radian6 user accounts and Topic Profiles are already accessible in Social Studio and do not need to be recreated.  However, your Buddy Media user accounts and social accounts will need to be re-entered. 
  4. From the Organization Wide Admin settings, create engagement macro(s), similar to Engagement Console Macros
  5. Establish Approval Rules, as needed, within each Workspace (note: Approval rules are not available in Basic Edition, confirm with your Account Representative if you are unsure which Edition you currently have)

Depending on your Social Studio subscription package and individual user permissions, users can then log in to Social Studio to:

  1. Publish content to the Content Calendar
  2. Engage: setup tabs and columns for social accounts and topic profiles
  3. Analyze: setup dashboards for social accounts and topic profiles
  4. Download, install and log in to the Social Studio Mobile iOS (iPhone and iPad version) or Android app


Updated! Getting Started with Social Studio

  • Watch recorded Getting Started videos 
  • Download the Social Studio Workbook to plan your implementation

Updated! Social Studio Training

  • Training videos for Set up, Publish, Engage and Analyze
  • User guide for Social Studio, and Social Studio mobile



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