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Specific portal user record to not be disabled or deactivated

Knowledge Article Number 000213998
Description User is in need of a way to mark a specific portal user record to not be disabled. Any person who tries to disable the user would either be notified or be unable to disable the portal user. 
Resolution User can utilize a Validation Rule to move forward with this request that will prevent you in unselecting the active checkbox.

First Option:
 Id=(User Record Number) 
The portal user should have a contact within the org that will have an id number listed for the portal user.

or user can utilize the second option and have it so the user cannot be deactivated:
AND(Username = "email of user" ,
IsActive  =  FALSE)

Both options will allow user to create an error message so that whenever the box is unchecked for deactivation or being disabled the error you created would pop up to prevent them to move forward with the change. 


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