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Effects of Changing Role Names

Knowledge Article Number 000214001
Description When a user has updated the corresponding labels and they are moving forward to update the role name which are used by the API and "Managed Packages". What are the consequences of changing the role names. 
Resolution Anytime you change a role name associated with an API name anywhere the name is reference could be affected. Below are key factors that are effected with the change of role name:

1) If the API Role name is used anywhere and is hard coded (i.e. workflow, formulas, validation rules, apex, etc.) it could cause an error for instance if you used the name and not the id on a flow like to change a field. With the change of the name you would have to change the name of the field to the "new name" , so that the flow is functioning properly and able to locate the field in which you changed the name.

2) If a "Managed Package" uses that role name then the "Managed Package"  it will likely fail.  If a Role is part of a "Managed Package" you shouldn't be able to modify the name anyways. Also, if you would like to change the name and are in need of assistance you will need to speak to the creator of your "Managed Package" for support. 

3) Integrations - potentially, there is the possibility that if you have integrations setup that map role API names to specific databases you will have to update your integration with the new name. 

Make sure to review that all names that are affected are changed appropriately to not cause disruption in flows. 

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