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Salesforce Data Loader error Empty Column is found. Would you like to continue?

Knowledge Article Number 000214002
Description How to handle Data Loader "Empty column is found. Would you like to continue?" error message. There is another pop up saying "Initialization Succeeded".  However clicking on "Yes" takes back to the browse screen.
Resolution To resolve this error you will need to ensure that any empty columns are removed from your .csv file.

Note: This error does not mean that you can't leverage blank columns to clear out existing field values on record. It only occurs when an entire column including its header is blank in your file. It is still possible to upload blank values into record's fields via the Data Loader's "Insert null values" setting but the column must contain a header, see Configure Data Loader for more details on Data Loader settings.

1. Scroll through you file's columns in Excel and ensure that each one has a header.  It is also best practice to remove any extraneous columns that may not have any data or are irrelevant for the import you're performing.

2. Check for hidden columns in Excel and unhide all the columns to delete any empty columns. See Show or hide columns and rows for more details.

3. Check to ensure that no data is unexpectedly contained in any column/cells to the right of your actual data. You can do so by clicking the column header in Excel on the first blank column to the right of your data. Scroll all the way to the last column in your file. Hold Shift and click the right most column in your sheet to highlight all of them.  Right click in Excel after highlighting the columns and select Delete to remove any unexpected data that may be contained to the right of your actual data in the file.

Once you've confirmed that no entirely empty columns exist and all unnecessary and extraneous columns/data have been removed re-save the file and try loading the CSV again via the Data Loader.

If there are no empty columns this error should not occur again.

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