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Appexchange package does not work correctly in China

Knowledge Article Number 000214004

This issue is generally the result of combining the below two key factors:

1. Remote hosting of managed package elements on CDNs
Many visually rich managed packages outsource hosting of the visual elements of their packages to content delivery networks (CDN’s).  They do this so that the package doesn’t weigh as heavily against your org’s file limit, and to help ensure that your pages load faster.  While Salesforce only stores one active production copy of your data located in your production instance, CDN content is replicated across all the file servers owned by the content delivery partner, which are generally located globally near internet hubs.  So whereas your Salesforce instance is physically located in one data center, meaning that the further away you get from this data center the longer it will take to send and receive each request, when package vendors utilize a CDN, their outsourced files will be served to your users by more local servers instead of travelling back and forth from your instance.

2. Internet infrastructure in China
China is unique in that it has built a country-wide firewall used to block certain content from reaching Chinese internet users.  This includes Google API’s and CDN.


A list of blocked pages can be found here:

What this means is that if a managed package vendor utilizes any of the Google API’s or the Google CDN, the package will either not display properly or will not work at all in China.  

To verify this is the issue you will want to have a user in mainland China do the following:

1. Open the developer console by pressing F12

2. Go to the “Network” tab

3. Load a Salesforce page containing the elements that don’t load.

If it is an issue with the CDN you will see something like the following:

The 404 from indicates that the file is not available.  If the issue is only present for Chinese users than it is likely being blocked by the Chinese firewall.  To resolve this issue you will want to contact the managed package vendor to see if they have Chinese-safe version that can be installed.

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