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Trackiing data not refreshing in Discover

Knowledge Article Number 000214029
Discover uses a daily refresh process, whereby a program or automation runs on a regular schedule to extract tracking data from the email application and loads it into a processing server.  

Tracking data accumulated since the last run of the refresh process doesn't appear in Discover until after the next run of the refresh process. The refresh process only pulls in data accumulated since the previous run and appends it to existing data. If this program or automation fails or if it's not run, new data is not uploaded to Discover. 
The refresh process is run in either a program under Email Interactions or in an automation in Automation Studio. If your tracking data is not up to date in Discover, verify the following:
  • The program completed it's last run successfully.
  • The automation completed it's last run successfully. 

Verify the program completed its last run

1. Under "Email," go to Interactions | Programs.
2. Click Report Builder.

There are two or more programs in the folder:
  • Account Name - Number - MID Value-E-I-L
  • Account Name - Number - MID Value-E-I-L_PLAT

3. Select the checkbox next to the name of the program.
4. Click View Activity in the menu bar.
5. The history screen will show previous runs of the program.  The status field will indicate whether the program was stopped by a user, completed, or returned an error.
 If the program status is:
Stopped by a user
Run the program again.
Completed or returned an error
Contact Marketing Cloud  Support for additional assistance.

Verify the Automation completed its last run

1. Go to Marketing Automation | Automation Studio.
2. Hover over the account name in the top-right corner of the window, and then copy the numerical value next to "MID."
3. To find the automation, paste the MID value into the search bar and press Enter.
4. There will be two or more automations that appear. The correct automation will have a naming convention similar to one of the following:

  • Account Name - Number - MID Value-E-I-L
  • Account Name - Number - MID Value-E-I-L_PLAT

5. The Progress field shows whether the last run of the automation is still in progress, stopped by a user, completed, or returned an error.
If the Progress field for the last run of the automation is:
In Progress
Allow the automation to finish running.
Stopped by a user
Run the automation again.
Contact Marketing Cloud Support for additional assistance.
Returning an error
The Progress field indicates in which step the workflow occurred. If you're unable to determine why the error was returned or if you need further assistance, contact Marketing Cloud Support.

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