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Side Panel fails to upload attachments but no error messages are displayed

Knowledge Article Number 000214034
Description When users select an email, they can use the Side Panel to link emails to records in Salesforce, but if they try to also upload one or more attachments, the progress gauge/indicator won't stop blink but never stop to indicate the upload was successful. Selecting another email then coming back seems to complete stop the progress. Either way, attachment are not uploaded.

Steps to replicate: 
  1. Select an email with one or more attachments
  2. In the Side Panel, select a record and click on the envelope icon to add the email
  3. In the list of attachments, click on the paper clip icon to upload the attachment
Resolution This is not a problem with Salesforce for Outlook, but with a setting in the org that affects the behavior of the Outlook integration. 

To resolve this problem,
  1. Go to the Setup menu
  2. Click Security Controls | Session Settings 
  3. Uncheck the setting called "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated".
You may have to restart Salesforce for Outlook and/or Outlook for this change to take effect.

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