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Contents access for Community Users

Knowledge Article Number 000214048

Community user access to content highly depends on the role and how a library is shared across the internal users. Creating a community user, the role will automatically roll up to the role of the contact record owner that it's associated to. We'll give a break down of what permission or access a community user has depending on the license assigned.

 Customer CommunityCustomer Community PlusPartner Community
With Salesforce CRM Content User feature licenseNO ACCESSView and UploadView and Upload
Without Salesforce CRM Content User feature licenseNO ACCESSView OnlyView Only

Instances where a community user can access a library to which they're not a member, it's important to check if the library is shared through a group that includes "Roles, Internal and Portal Subordinates".

Phased out Portal Licenses such as Customer Portal User License and Partner Portal User License has the same content access that of Customer Community Plus and Partner Community License, with the exemption of High-Volume Community Users which has no access to content since a role can't be assigned to it.

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