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Summer '15 - Changed Salesforce1 Reporting REST API Request and Response Bodies

Knowledge Article Number 000214077
Description Salesforce1 Reporting REST API includes new reportMetadata properties for the request and response bodies for the Describe, Execute Sync, and Execute Async resources.
reportMetadata contains the following new properties.

Determines the division of records to include in the report. For example, West Coast and East Coast.

Available only if your organization uses divisions to segment data and you have the “Affected by Divisions” permission. If you do not have the “Affected by Divisions” permission, your reports include records in all divisions.

standardDateFilterStandard date filters available in reports. Each standard date filter contains the following properties:
  • column–API name of the date field on which you filter the report data.
  • durationValue–The range for which you want to run the report. The value is a date literal or 'CUSTOM.'
  • startDate–Start date.
  • endDate–End date.
standardFiltersList of filters that show up in the report by default. The filters vary by report type. For example, standard filters for reports on the Opportunity object are Show, Opportunity Status, and Probability. This list appears as name-value string pairs.
hasDetailRowsIndicates whether to include detailed data with the summary data.
Note: This property is not new for the response bodies for Execute Sync and Execute Async resources
folderIdFolder ID.
Note: When the report is in the My Personal Custom Reports folder, folderId = userId. When the report is in the Unfiled Public Reports folder, folderId = orgId.
sortByAPI name of the field on which the report is sorted and the direction of the sort (asc or desc).
scopeDefines the scope of the data on which you run the report. For example, you can run the report against all opportunities, opportunities you own, or opportunities your team owns. Valid values depend on the report type.

Report name.
Note: This property is not new for the Describe response body, Execute Sync request body, and Execute Async response body.


Report currency, such as USD, EUR, GBP, for an organization that has Multi-Currency enabled. Value is null if the organization does not have Multi-Currency enabled.
Note: This property is not new for the Execute Sync request body and Execute Async response body.

For more information about these resources, see the Salesforce1 Reporting REST API Developer’s Guide.

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