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Summer '15 - Salesforce Console API (Integration Toolkit) Updates

Knowledge Article Number 000214079
Description In Summer '15, following new and updated methods of Salesforce Console API (Integration Toolkit) are present.

The toolkit includes new and updated methods that let you customize a console programmatically.

Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service Cloud

Available in: Performance and Developer Editions with the Sales Cloud

Available in: Enterprise and Unlimited Editions with the Sales Cloud for an additional cost

For more information (English only) about the toolkit, see the Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit Developer's Guide

The following methods are new or have changed in API version 34.0.


Accepts an Omni-Channel work item that’s assigned to an agent.


Changes the status of a work item to “Closed” and removes it from the list of work items in the Omni-Channel widget.


Declines an Omni-Channel work item that’s assigned to an agent.


Focuses the browser on a sidebar component. Use this method to focus on a component with the tab or accordion sidebar style.


Returns a list of Omni-Channel work items that are currently assigned to an agent and open in the agent’s workspace.


Retrieves the service channels that are associated with a Omni-Channel user’s presence status.


Retrieves an Omni-Channel agent’s current presence status.


Logs an agent into Omni-Channel with a specific presence status.


Logs an agent out of Omni-Channel.


Sets an Omni-Channel agent's presence status to a status with a particular ID.

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