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Strange or invalid characters in .txt-file attachments for inbound emails on a case

Knowledge Article Number 000214119
Description When viewing a .txt file attached to an inbound email from case, the letters å, ä and ö are not displayed correctly. Its showing characters like 1/2

Resolution Steps to replicate:
1. Create a .txt file with characters from Swedish characters or other European special characters with accent like å, ä and ö
2. Attach it to the email and send to the case
3. Check the email and click "view" on the outbound email attachment
4. Special characters showing correct values like å, ä and ö
5. Once email has been received on the case, check the email and click view on the inbound email attachment
6. Special characters showing incorrect values like 


1. Create a file from notepad 
2. Save it as .txt file and select the Encoding format 
"UTF-8" at the bottom of the save as window 
3. Send it on an email as an attachment to a case 
4. Result: showing the correct values for å, ä and ö
Special characters showing correct values like å, ä and ö for both inbound and outbound email attachment.

Additional characters were encoded differently in different countries including accented characters used in Spanish, French, German, and many other languages were entirely unavailable in ASCII (not to mention characters used in Greek, Russian, and most Eastern languages)., making texts impossible to decode without figuring out the originator's rules. For instance, a browser might display ¬A rather than ` if it tried to interpret one character set as another. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) eventually developed several code pages under ISO 8859, to accommodate various languages. and UTF-8 is one of these.

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