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Using CONTAINS with multiple comma separated values doesn't trigger PB or Flow

Knowledge Article Number 000214160

Passing multiple comma separated values against the CONTAINS operator in the same condition doesn't evaluate the Process/Flow as intended.

Example Process:
Set Filter Conditions: 
[Case].Contact.Email   CONTAINS,

The above example process will not evaluate as intended because it includes multiple values separated by a comma. 


The Lightning Process Builder and Flow do not support comma-separated values in rule criteria. In order to get this functionality to work with the Process/Flow criteria can be modified to only use one value per Filter Condition and add additional Filter Conditions as needed ensuring that each Filter Condition is grouped together with an OR Filter Condition.

Using the same condition as above:

Set Filter Conditions: 
1) [Case].Contact.Email   CONTAINS
2) [Case].Contact.Email   CONTAINS

Filter Conditions (
Customize the filter logic):
(1 OR 2) 

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