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Creating a List View filtered by running user on a custom field that looks up to user

Knowledge Article Number 000214161
Description How can I create a list view that filters all the records that has custom lookup field equal to running user?
Resolution Let us assume Custom Look up Field is labeled as "Co-Owner". It looks up to User record and populates the name

Creating Formula Field

1. Create a Formula Field with a Checkbox Data Type.
2. Example - Is Co-Owner the Logged in user.
3. Use the criteria IF( Co_Owner = $User.Id,True,False) in the Formula field
4. Click save
5. Make Field Visible to all profile and Hide it from page layout.

Creating List View to filter records by running user

1. Click on the Object

2. Create New View
3. Enter View name
4. Filter Criteria - "Is Co_owner a Logged in user" Equals "True"
5. Save

This will filter and display all records where Co-Owner name equals Logged in user.

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