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BEST PRACTICES: Collaborative or Customizable Forecasting - Which Version is Right for my Organization?

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Salesforce Cloud Services

Collaborative or Customizable Forecasting

Before Forecasting is implemented in Salesforce, administrators, business sponsors, and end users should review the key functional differences between Collaborative and Customizable Forecasting. This article provides a high level overview of Collaborative and Customizable Forecasting functionality to help stakeholders decide which version is right for their organization. 

Collaborative Forecasting is ideal if your organization wants these features:
  • Forecast revenue and/or quantity based on opportunity data
  • Forecast viewable in monthly or quarterly rollups
  • Customizable forecast categories
  • Mutually exclusive forecast categories
  • Forecast numbers and related Opportunities on the same page
  • Manager ability to adjust forecasts
  • Revenue or quantity quotas for sales teams (via API only)
  • Ability to create Custom Report Types & Custom Reports on Forecast, Opportunity & Quota data
  • API support
  • Interactive and easy user experience
Customizable Forecasting is ideal if your organization has enabled either Territory Management 1.0 or Custom Fiscal Years, or if your organization wants these features:
  • Product Family Forecasts
  • Opportunity Products Schedule Forecasts
  • Forecast Sharing
  • Forecast Snapshots & History
  • Opportunity-level Adjustments
  • Opportunity Product Level Adjustments
  • Ability to Override Forecast Category
  • Ability for Sales Reps to adjust their Forecast
A full breakdown of the functional differences between Collaborative and Customizable Forecasting can be found here:

For additional resources on this topic check out the Achieve More: Improve Lead Conversion Hub

For more information, please contact Salesforce Support and/or ask the Success Community!

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