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Why am I unable to choose the same report type that is already chosen in joined report

Knowledge Article Number 000214199
Description Unable to choose/select the Same Report Type which has already been selected in a Joined Report

Resolution In a Joined Report once a report type is selected in Block 1 , you will not be able select/choose the same report type for Block 2.

To achieve this:

1. Create a report by selecting one Report Type, change the format of the report to Joined
2. You will get the fields in Block 1
3. Since the fields of the Report Type are already available in the Left Pane (Salesforce will not allow you to choose the same Report Type again)
4. Hence just drag the field from the left pane to the open space next to Block 1 and drop it
5. Block 2 will be created and you can use the fields from the Same Report Type

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