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Omni-Channel Overview

Knowledge Article Number 000214208
Description With the Summer '15 release, contact centers can push work to available, qualified agents in real time, right from the Salesforce console, using Omni-Channel.
Resolution Omni-Channel allows administrators to automatically route any object that can be put into a Salesforce queue directly to agents to ensure critical assignments are taken care of in a timely manner.

Key features include the ability to:

- Create work items from records (leads, cases, chats, sos calls), using Service Channels.
- Route work items to available, qualified agents based on priority and availability.
- Define a routing configuration to account for prioritization and agent capacity.
- Associate routing configurations with existing Queues.
- Allow agents to define their availability with Presence statuses.

More details on use and setup are available at the link below:
Push Work to Qualified, Available Support Agents with Omni-Channel (Beta)


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