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What happens to my Live Agent configuration when I enable Omni Channel?

Knowledge Article Number 000214219
Description Let’s say you already have Live Agent enabled, and you have 20 agents who handle chats. These agents are assigned to a Live Agent Configuration.
Chat agents are assigned to Live Agent configuration
Resolution When you enable Omni-Channel, Salesforce creates a new Presence Configuration for you that corresponds to your Live Agent Configuration. Salesforce automatically assigns all 20 of your chat agents to the new Presence Configuration. That way, there’s no disruption to your agents’ workflow when you enable Omni-Channel, and they can start accepting chats through the Omni-Channel widget in the console right away.
Chat agents are assigned to a Live Agent configuration AND a Presence configuraiton

**Please note that the units of capacity configured in the Routing Configuration are different for Live Agent than any other Work item that is pushed. The units of capacity for Live Agent is always "1", even if you specify a different number. So, if you want your agents to only be in 2 active chats at a time, you need to designate the Capacity as "2" in your Presence Configuration. 

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