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Is meta-data supported using Organization Sync?

Knowledge Article Number 000214223
Description For data to remain synced in Organization Sync, the metadata in your primary Salesforce organization must match the metadata in your secondary organization. You can now choose to have certain types of metadata changes synced daily between your organizations.
Inserts and updates of the following types of metadata are synced daily in one direction—from the primary to the secondary organization.
  • Apex classes, components, and pages
  • Custom fields
  • Custom objects
  • External objects
  • Layouts
  • Permission sets
  • Record types
  • Roles
  • User profiles
The following actions on supported metadata aren’t synced and must be repeated in both organizations:
  • Creating or updating metadata in the secondary organization
  • Deleting metadata in either organization

For example, if a user in the primary organization creates or updates a permission set, the change is applied to the secondary organization within 24 hours.

However, if the permission set is updated in the secondary organization, the update doesn’t flow back to the primary organization, and the update in the secondary organization is overwritten in the next sync.


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