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When cloning a process and setting to create a new version, a new process is created instead.

Knowledge Article Number 000214227
Description Replication steps: 

a. Navigate to Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Process Builder. 

b. Click on a Process name. 

c. Click Clone. 

d. Notice at the top that Save As is set to "Version of current process". 

e. Provide the same name as the original Process.

f. Click Save. 

g. Click View All Processes 

h. Notice you now have two processes with the same name.

i. If you click on "Manage Versions" on the original process, it doesn't show that it has multiple versions. 
Resolution This will happen when the Process was installed via a managed package. As there is a namespace associated to the original Process, a new Process will be created. If the affected process is in fact part of a managed package, this behavior is considered "working as designed". 

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